Powertech 3 Shade System

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Powertech 3 Shade System window shade assemblies employ ATG’s most advanced electromechanical window shade technology. The Powertech 3 Shade System features all the benefits of the Powertech 1 shade systems, plus:

  • Designed for airline use: rugged and extremely reliable: designed for mean time between failure (MTBF) exceeding 300,000 flight hours.
  • Installation design protects the shade from installation abuse loading, and allows removal and replacement of the shade system and/or the control switch in just seconds, without the need to disassemble any other interior component
  • Shade cassette is a line replaceable unit (LRU), designed for hot-swap capability without tools, and without requiring manual electrical connector attachment (self connects on install)
  • Achieved highest demonstrated capabilities in ATG HALT testing history (installed in a lab HALT testing chamber, the unit operated continuously for 8 hours while mounted to a vibration table at 50G rms while the temperature was varied from -60 deg C to + 85 deg C every 8 minutes)
  • New faster motors, replaceable without disassembling the shade
  • Optional Emergency Override System (EOR) enables self opening without power when activated
  • Electronics feature built-in-test (BITE); digital network command and control interface (CanBUS; RS-485)
  • Flight attendant override and lock out features


Currently Available Aircraft Applications:

Airbus A350XWB

Dual Blind
Single Blind