Powertech 2 Shade System

Powertech 2 Shade System window shade assemblies employ ATG’s latest advanced electromechanical window shade technology. The Powertech 2 Shade System features all the benefits of Powertech 1 shade systems, plus:

  • New faster motors, replaceable without disassembling the shade
  • Optional dual Emergency Override System (EOR) enables opening and closing of shade without power
  • Designed for mean time between failure (MTBF) exceeding 100,000 flight hours. Highest demonstrated reliability in ATG endurance testing history (>1M operating cycles)
  • Some designs feature inboard lens replacement capability without removing the unit from the aircraft (lenses are the most frequently damaged item)
  • Designed to be tolerant of excessive installation loads


Currently Available Aircraft Applications:

Gulfstream G650

Exit Hatch