Panacea Shade Systems

Panacea Shade Systems (currently in development) combine the latest in electromechanical and electronic dimmable window (EDW) technology to create the ultimate aircraft window shade. Panacea provides complete control of natural light entering the cabin – from clear to dark, and from diffused to direct. Panacea offers an unmatched combination of benefits:

  • Aesthetically pleasing, clean design with customizable options to create the perfect complement to the aircraft interior.
  • Complete solution for natural light entering the cabin:
    • Allows rapid transition to varying levels of tint from clear to very dark, eliminating glare while maintaining view of the world outside.
    • Sheer (translucent) fabric shade creates soft, diffused lighting, which the passenger or crew can further brighten or dim by ‘tuning’ the variable tint lens. Enables the passenger to block the outside view where desired but still allow natural light to penetrate.
    • Blackout capability, enabling passengers to sleep comfortably on long-range flights, whether day or night.
  • Automated light control allows passengers to set the desired level of light transmission, and the system maintains it by automatically adjusting to changing outside light conditions.
  • Key eco-friendly benefits:
    • Helps reduce carbon emissions on ramp: EDW technology can be switched to dark (the maximum light- and heat-blocking state), keeping cabin cooler and requiring less initial cabin cooling, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Passengers experience a cooler, more comfortable cabin upon entry.
    • System design helps decrease cabin noise levels by dampening external noise; particularly effective as windows are a primary source of noise transmitted into the cabin.