ATG Runs the Maccabi 5K Fun Run/Walk

On June 23, 2019 the Maccabi Fun Run took place at The Spanish River Athletic Complex. It was easy to spot where the run was starting as the area was swarming with over 200 pink-shirted people that had way too much energy for 7:00am on a Sunday.

Eager to hit a new PR, most all of the pink shirts had disappeared into the far-off distance once the pistol went off. Just a few minutes into the race was the entrance to the “Smile Zone.” It’s difficult to wear any other expression on your face whilst running/walking/jogging through the zone! After the smiles dissipated, the sun grew stronger and some of the runners turned into walkers. The pink shirted folk took this time to get to know their fellow runners, motivate them and tell tales of their past.

Midway through the race, just when you could see some runners and walkers starting to struggle, what looked like a mirage appeared. A giant water cooler with ice cold water was just up ahead! By some miracle, the mirage turned out to be real. Providing us with the hydration we needed, runners and walkers alike chugged their ice-cold water (some poured it on themselves, but we won’t name any names) and got their second wind to make it to the finish line!

As we all crossed the finish line, a feast of bagels, shmear and bananas awaited! Not only was it incredible to see so many people push themselves for their health and personal growth, it was truly remarkable getting to encourage and motivate your friends and coworkers for their well-being.

Whether it’s a 5k, a marathon, or even a friendly challenge of who takes more steps in a day between you and a buddy, there’s nothing more rewarding than committing to your health!

A special thanks to Loni Perlman for encouraging, bullying and motivating ATG to participate in such an enriching experience. A special thanks also to all those who participated including Matt Duntz, Josef Menashe, Ben Garbarino, Marcio Ribeiro, Loni Perlman and Taryn Polsky.

Now that the run is over, kick off your shoes and relax! That is, until a new invite comes along for the next 5k. Here’s hoping it will be indoors!