2019 ATG Supplier Summit Recap

Monday, June 17th, marked the start of the Supplier Summit with a reception dinner. Pizza, cocktails and cigars created the perfect environment for ATG employees and the suppliers to acquainted, mingle and network.

Tuesday, June 18th, 39 different suppliers from 22 different companies across the world traveled to Boca Raton, FL to attend The Summit. The Supplier Summit, conceptualized by Mario Ceste, was an opportunity to provide the suppliers with the many ways ATG can accelerate its growth and operational execution, as well as share its views on market conditions, company direction, and expectations of what a successful partnership entails.

The suppliers were also able to hear from the captivating keynote speakers including Mario Ceste, Julio Ruiz, Jean Freitas, Matt Duntz, Michelle Glenn, Josef Menashe and Jarred Scott. The speakers provided informative, compelling information inspiring many questions and comments from the suppliers.

Midday, attendees took a trip to ATG for a factory tour where they got to see the action up close and live!

Following the tour, the suppliers were escorted back to Wyndham as the Awards & Recognition part of the summit was about to take place. Zentech received the Longevity award, Performance was awarded to Technifab and EMS was honored for their Innovation.

From the chance to interact with key industry leaders to the delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies Wyndham provided, it was truly a Summit to remember.